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Unlock peak performance in life & business



Unlock Limitless Potential: Master Your Mindset and Build a Profitable, Scaleable Coaching Business That Impacts More People.

Have You Hit a Ceiling in Your Coaching Business? If so, you could be experiencing any (or all) of the following:

  • You’re great at serving your clients, but when it comes to the business side of things, you feel lost

  • You've hit a plateau in your business that you can't seem to break through

  • You feel overwhelmed with all of the tasks and responsibilities involved in running your business

  • You're not sure how to differentiate yourself and your business in a crowded sea of coaches

  • Your sales process isn't working at the level you'd like and you can't figure out why more people aren't enrolling

But, what if you could:


Have the confidence and skills to turn your business into a consistent cash flow machine that makes a massive difference in the lives of your clients.


Have the exact secrets and strategies that took the biggest name in personal development from $2.1 million to over $40 million in their coaching business.


Be supported and held accountable by a high-achieving, heart-centered group of individuals who share your passion for success and growth.




Our EMPIRE Academy Mastermind, combined with Whole Performance Coaching includes 3 key components:


    1:1 Coaching with Ryan


    Mastermind & Weekly Calls


    Vault of Trainings & Playbooks

Here's what's included IN THE


Weekly LIVE

Mastermind Sessions

Attend weekly mastermind sessions with your peers and our team of experts. These sessions offer a structured and supportive environment where you can share your goals, challenges, and ideas.

You’ll receive impactful feedback and insights, while learning proven strategies that are working right now from experts in everything from sales and marketing to finance and fulfillment. But, just showing up isn’t enough…implementation is where results are created.

Empire Academy’s accountability system requires regular check-ins with both peers and mentors to keep you accountable and motivated as you push toward your goals.


Members Community

As a member of Empire Academy, you’ll gain access to our private members community, where you’ll build valuable relationships with like-minded individuals who are committed to growing their businesses and helping people around the world.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to connect and network with individuals who share similar goals and values, but it also offers a supportive and collaborative environment where members can learn from each other, share best practices, and receive feedback and guidance. As a part of this community, you’ll be a true force for good as we create a massive ripple effect in the lives of all those we touch.


Trainings & Playbooks

Access the replays of live trainings, pre-recorded bonus trainings, and playbooks to rapidly grow your business. It’s never enough to see a training just once and these trainings can be revisited and reviewed multiple times, allowing you to absorb information at your own pace and continually refresh your knowledge-base.

Additionally, our playbooks contain proven business systems that will help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency, leading to significant time and cost savings. The Empire Academy Vault gives you the resources you need to gain a competitive edge, improve your skills, and ultimately achieve greater success in your business.

Access to the

EMPIRE Trainers & Experts

Access the EMPIRE team of experts with a combined 75 years of coaching and business experience.

EMPIRE has worked with over 10,000+ clients globally, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in various industries and markets.

Glean from the team’s expertise and insights in business strategy, marketing, sales, fulfillment, technology, finance, leadership, team management and much more.

The ability to leverage our wealth of knowledge and experience can massively increase your speed to result.


EMPIRE Academy Discounts

We LOVE taking care of our membership and one of the biggest perks is the benefit of our connections inside and outside of the coaching industry.

As an EMPIRE Academy member, you’ll get to access to exclusive discounts and partnerships. The value of this benefit alone is enough to cover the cost of membership.

Additionally, working with trusted partners can provide access to expertise, resources, and support that isn’t available to the public. Save money, save time and help more clients!

 Unlock your true potential

 as a coach, build a highly profitable, scalable business,

  and become part of the elite community of successful coaches across the globe.

Imagine transforming your coaching career into an empire, a sustainable, growth-focused business that not only elevates your income but your influence as well.

Despite your expertise and passion for coaching, you may still find yourself stuck in the loop of chasing clients, struggling to scale your business, and lacking a supportive community that understands your journey.

You know there's more potential in you, but you're not quite sure how to unleash it.

I know what it’s like to work like crazy and still fall short of the income and the impact that you really want. The sleepless nights spent wondering how to expand your client base, the struggle to set yourself apart in a competitive market, and the isolation of dealing with these challenges alone can be overwhelming.

I've been there too and so have my partners and fellow EMPIRE co-founders Brook and Mike. Not only have we navigated these challenges within our own businesses, we’ve worked with and mentored thousands of coaches and business owners, just like you, who were facing the same struggles and doubts you're facing now. But we found ways to overcome them, growing successful coaching businesses and forming a powerful network of like-minded professionals.

The secret to our success lies in our unique, tested, and proven method

a fusion of personal performance enhancement and business strategy.

Envision a life where you're not only an expert coach but a profitable business owner. A thriving coaching empire, consistently high income, and a supportive community that celebrates your victories and supports you through your struggles. That’s what's in store for you.

Combined with the power of


our program provides the tools, mentorship, and community - along with the personal attention and 1:1 coaching - you need to

turn your passion for coaching into a profitable, scalable business.

In the first 90 days of working with EMPIRE

we've grown our revenues 142%.

We're consistently doing 6 figure MONTHS thanks to EMPIRE!

Medallion Investment Coaching

In the first 90 days of working with EMPIRE

we've grown our revenues 142%.

We're consistently doing 6 figure MONTHS thanks to EMPIRE!

Medallion Investment Coaching











If You’ve Read This Far…

It's time to pause and ask yourself some big questions:


just one idea in an EMPIRE Academy Mastermind session transforms your coaching practice into a purpose-driven powerhouse, providing unparalleled financial security for you and your family?


just one strategy inside the EMPIRE Academy Mastermind vault helps you master your time, freeing up several more productive hours each week? Imagine the impact that extra time could have on your relationships, your work-life balance, your wellbeing, and your happiness?


just one breakthrough in a Whole Performance Coaching session empowers you to break through your business plateau, helping you reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individuals with your unique message and expertise?


overcoming just one mindset block helps you to finally embrace your worth, enabling you to confidently charge higher rates for your services?

Consider the value of these transformative changes.

How much would that change your life, your business, and your impact on the world?

You're an extraordinary coach with an immense potential waiting to be unleashed. Along with my EMPIRE co-founders, Brook and Mike, as well as our entire community of inspiring coaches - we are here to guide you towards that transformation. If you're ready to step into this journey, to unlock a higher level of personal and professional mastery, then join us.

Because you, your dreams, and your ambitions are worth it.

EMPIRE understands Marketing, Sales and Fulfillment.

I broke 45 year records using these systems.

Tara Baldwin










2024 Guaranteed

2-Day Annual Planning Session

You’ve already met me… I’d like to introduce you to my two incredible EMPIRE co-founders Brook and Mike.


Empire Academy was built to be a true mastermind in the spirit that Napoleon Hill intended: a group of individuals who are dedicated to a common goal or purpose, and who are committed to helping each other achieve that goal. A brain trust…pooling their knowledge, experience, and resources to help each member achieve their individual goals.


Brook Bishop is the CEO of The Bishop Method and Co-Founder of EMPIRE Partners, a leading consulting and training company. He's renowned for his exceptional revenue-generation skills, previously holding the title of the highest income producer at a global coaching company.

Brook has also co-authored "Coaching Equation - Secrets from the Most Profitable Coaching Businesses on Earth," lending his profound insights via his book and The Coaching Equation Podcast. Notably, his tenure as the Executive Director of Business Mastery at Tony Robbins Business Divisions saw a remarkable revenue growth from $1 million to $50 million within just four years.

In addition to his sterling career achievements, Brook holds multiple professional certifications and has served in key positions, such as the Chief Revenue Officer for John Assaraf and Clients On Demand.

He's credited with training over 10,000 coaches and sales specialists internationally, demonstrating his skills in personal development, business optimization, and more. Despite his professional prowess, Brook finds joy in simpler pursuits, such as spending quality timImagee with his family and enjoying outdoor activities. Balancing his career and personal life, Brook illustrates that success need not come at the expense of life's pleasures.


Meet Mike Artman, founder and CEO of Namtra Media and co-founder of EMPIRE Partners. With over 25 years in the industry, Mike is renowned for his skills as a marketing strategist and designer, having worked with esteemed personalities like Tony Robbins, Brian Buffini, as well as some of the world’s most recognized brands in hospitality, cosmetics, real estate and manufacturing.

An avid automobile enthusiast, he has been featured in Hot Rod Magazine for his innovative marketing work in the auto space. He is also the co-author of "Coaching Equation - Secrets from the Most Profitable Coaching Businesses on Earth," underlining his contribution to the field.

Away from his professional commitments, Mike is a passionate adventurer and sports enthusiast, regularly enjoying surfing and sand volleyball. He loves traveling with friends and family and spending quality time with his wife, daughter, and their beloved pugs. These personal interests show another side of Mike, offering a humanizing balance to his impressive professional accomplishments.



  • Recordings of all Live Trainings

  • Copies of all of our Systems

  • Workflows with Timelines & Templates

  • Access the EMPIRE network of partnerships and JVs

  • Connect with our community of amazing and life changing members

The EMPIRE Team Genuinely Cares!

They’ve supported me with every question and challenge I’ve come up against.

Rajiv Sankarlal


We are so convinced that you are going to LOVE this mastermind that we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is! After 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your experience, we will refund you 100% of your investment to date. In order to meet the requirements to request a refund, however, you have to show up and do the work.

Specifically, you must:

  • Attend all live calls

  • Fill out your monthly check-in form provided by EMPIRE

  • Provide proof that you have fulfilled your monthly commitments

Frequently asked questions

When are the sessions?

EMPIRE Coaching Academy is every Thursday at 1 pm Pacific Time.

How long are the sessions?

The first Thursday session is a mastermind format and runs 90 minutes. Remaining Thursdays run 60 minutes.

How long do I have access to the trainings and recordings?

For the life of your membership

How much detail will you be going into?

We will pull back the curtain on the strategy, systems, and all details pertaining to building, growing and scaling your business.

Will we get copies of the templates?


Can we interact with the EMPIRE leadership team?

100% yes. Each session will have a chunk of time for live Q&A. All your questions will be answered. Additionally, you can communicate with the EMPIRE team via the private members portal.

What if we have questions?

Feel free to submit them in advance of each session and/or bring them to your weekly session with the EMPIRE team

Hands down– EMPIRE is

the best consulting firm in the game!

Experience, knowledge and strategy that is unparalleled.

Melissa von Musser

I'm Only Taking 10 Committed Coaches

Look, I get it. You're an established coach, you've made your mark and you're good at what you do. But something's holding you back, right?

You're ready for that next level, hungry to push through the plateau. Let's do it together. I'm inviting you, specifically, to step up and take one of the 10 exclusive spots in my one-on-one coaching program - a rare opening that doesn't come around often.

I've been where you are, I've navigated those choppy waters, and now I'm extending a hand to guide you through. We're going to dig in, confront what's holding you back and create a strategy to propel you forward. No gimmicks, no sugar-coating - just real work and real progress.

But here's the kicker - once these spots are filled, they're filled. Any latecomers get put on the waiting list until a space opens up. You're serious about this, I can tell. So let's not waste any time, let's get you locked in. This is your call to action, your chance to break the mold and truly level up. Take the leap - because the moment you commit is the moment we start the climb. Let's do this.

Remember, no one reaches the summit alone, and you don't have to navigate the climb unaided. You're already a remarkable coach with enormous potential. Now, let's unlock it together and take your craft to the pinnacle it deserves, just like we've been able to do with all of the success stories you see on the site.

These ten exclusive spots are your stepping stones to that next level. Don't let this chance slip away - because opportunity, like time, waits for no one. With our guarantee, you've got absolutely nothing to lose.

So let's get started, coach. The journey towards extraordinary starts here, and it starts now. Seize the day and sign up - your future self will thank you

I quit my J.O.B., replaced my income and I enrolled 20 clients in the last 90 days!

This stuff works!

I now have the clarity and flexibility to live my purpose. I couldn’t be happier. So grateful to these systems… I had major health challenges that rocked my schedule… This gave me the ability to scale and be free with my time.”

Katie Williamson



Apply for coaching TODAY

and let's create your coaching empire together.

  • Recordings of all Live Trainings

  • Copies of all of our Systems

  • Workflows with Timelines & Templates

  • Access the EMPIRE network of partnerships and JVs

  • Connect with our community of amazing and life changing members

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